SolarCore Insulation Technology

Less Bulk. More Warmth.

-321° on the outside 89° on the inside.

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Proven and Tested To Outperform Traditional Insulations

SolarCore is a breathable insulation that maintains its thermal performance both under compression and when wet, something your old goose down jacket can't compete against.


warmer than the competition

Inspired Technology

The SolarCore Difference

SolarCore aerogel is an extremely durable, warm, and flexible material, which makes it much more effective than traditional insulations. In addition, it's immense breathability allows for regulation of body temperature without allowing the intrusion of cold. Our breakthrough technology packs the most insulating power into one of the thinnest packages on the market today, a main reason NASA trusts aerogel technology to protect in the universe's harshest environment.

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Highest Thermal Performance

Does Not Lose Warmth Under Compression

Minimum Weight & Thickness

NASA-inspired Technology