Solarcore® Insulates Merrell’s ISPO Award-Winning MTL Thermo Rogue 4 Boot

Jun 29, 2023 Posted by: Maddie Molloy

Portland, OR /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Solarcore®, a NASA-inspired proprietary insulation technology, has helped Merrell earn a 2022 ISPO Award for the outdoor hike and footwear brand’s MTL Thermo Rogue 4 Boot. Recognized for its ability to maintain superior conductive thermal properties under compression, SOLARCORE composite foam is powering the next generation of lightweight, cold-weather, performance footwear.

Traditional foam insulation used in footwear applications rely on the principles of loft–bulk and airspace–to provide warmth to the wearer. Under the weighted compression of footsteps, thermal warmth becomes compromised as the loft in these insulations begin to break down.

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