9 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Winter Gear From OROS

This company seems to have found the formula that everyone is looking for:
ridiculously warm winter apparel, without any of the bulk.

1. Warmest Gear On Earth

OROS brought their technology straight from the cosmos — using the same stuff NASA uses to insulate spacecraft — and science’d it into maximum-warmth.

Even under a storm of liquid nitrogen (-321°F / -196°C), OROS jackets maintain internal temps of 89°F / 32°C.

2. Zero Bulk

OROS refused to believe that fluff and fire are still this world’s best options for staying warm, which is probably why 3mm of SOLARCORE is warmer than 40mm of goose down.

Their ultra-thin SOLARCORE insulation holds heat better than any bulky down or synthetic, so you’re never left out in the cold.

3. Fraction Of The Price

Not only are OROS jackets warmer and thinner than anything on the market, they are also cheaper than many alternatives.

Most parkas and jackets rated for extreme temperatures are stuffed full of goose feathers or synthetic insulations, and are going to run upwards of $1,000. With OROS, you're getting products that are warmer, and 1/2 of the price (and thickness).

4. They Use Tech From Space

NASA’s aerogel technology is the foundation of OROS' SOLARCORE® insulation. SOLARCORE combines otherworldly lightness and insulation of aerogel to create the warmest, zero-bulk gear on the planet.

Every piece of OROS is infused with the ideal amount of SOLARCORE for just-right warmth on any adventure.

In case you're already convinced ...

5. They're as much of a science company as they are a clothing company

Who would have thought that the same science used to insulate spacecraft at -450°F could keep you warmer than a bunch of goose feathers?

Astronauts. And OROS founders Michael and Rithvik.

From science geeks to entrepreneurs, Michael and Rithvik created the first true outerwear innovation in eons.

6. Their CEO is an Astronaut Scholar

OROS started with an Astronaut Scholarship and an idea.

After being awarded a scholarship from the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation, Michael learned of the unparalleled Aerogel technology that was be used by NASA.

The light bulb went off. Why not leverage this technology used by NASA to protect against extreme environments on Earth?

He went back to Rithvik, and the rest is history.

7. OROS is launching a NASA collab

The limited-edition OROS 39A Flight Jacket brings the most advanced space tech in the universe down to planet earth.

Space is in their DNA, and the astronaut-certified 39A Flight Jacket is as
close to NASA issue as it gets.

8. Quick and hassle free

OROS is built on a direct-to-consumer model, skipping the middle man and retail markups, to deliver a quality product at an affordable price.

All U.S. orders will deliver in 2-5 business days, and they offer free domestic returns and exchanges within the first 30-days.

9. Everyone loves them

OROS has thousands of five star reviews, and they allow customers to submit their feedback, as well as seek Q&A's directly on their website.

They've also been featured in Forbes, Outside Magazine, Popular Mechanics, Digital Trends, and were named Runner's Magazine "Gear of the Year."

"Lives up to the hype, providing exceptional warmth without undue bulk."

- Digital Trends

Now that it's clear OROS is the best choice, what are you waiting for?