There we were - standing at the summit of Santis. Although we felt proud and empowered, we also felt seriously cold despite the many bulky layers of expensive gear. We knew there had to be a better way - a more clever way to conquer. At that freezing peak, our passion for innovation and adventure collided - and OROS outerwear was born.

OROS means mountain in Greek. But more than the gargantuan mass of land a rock formed by the clash of Earth's tectonic plates, OROS represents the challenge - and the accomplishment. The journey and the conquest. And the ultimate joy in achievement. 

It's our proprietary aerogel that makes it all possible. Developed from the NASA technology used for space suit insulation and the Mars Rovers, OROS has successfully made outerwear thinner, warmer and more flexible to help advance your adventures. 

We all have our own passions, directions and goals. OROS has the proven science to help you get there.

Wear it proudly. Wear it confidently. Wherever your adventures lead, OROS has you covered.

Always Onward. Forever Upward

Michael & Rithvik

Founders of OROS