NASA Insulation for Space Suits and Mars Rover Keep You Warm in New Jackets, Gloves, Beanies and Pants for Every Winter Adventure

Jun 1, 2016 Posted by: OROS Apparel

Oros' Proprietary SolarCore Aerogel Allows for the Thinnest and Warmest Performance Apparel for Winter Sports Enthusiasts From Nepal Base Camps to the Ski Lodge Patio

From the team that created the runaway success of the Lukla Endeavor aerogel-insulated jacket a year ago comes a new and improved collection of high performance winter gear incorporating an even thinner and lighter version of its proprietary formulation of the spacesuit insulator. The new jacket, gloves, beanie and pants being launched by Oros (formerly Lukla) utilize SolarCore aerogel as insulation which allows the performance apparel to be incredibly warm, thin, lightweight and comfortable and brings space age technology to winter outerwear.

Aerogel, a space age material used by NASA, is an extremely lightweight material that is actually 90-percent air and is the lowest thermal conductor on the planet. This low conductive property is what makes it an ideal insulation for insulating space suits, the space shuttle tiles and the Mars Rover and industry uses it to blanket oil pipelines.

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Nov 7, 2019 • Posted by David Mauro

Oros Team, hello! You may have heard Outside Magazine is putting on a festival celebrating all things outdoors this July in Chicago at McCormick.

You could not reach a more perfect group of people passionate about the outdoor lifestyle for Oros outdoor gear than the Outside Experience. How can we connect?

This event will be epic, with activations around every corner, and I can’t imagine Oros Apparel not having a presence to engage with our audience of 12,000+ outdoor and adventure lovers.

When: July 13-14
Where: McCormick Lakeside Center, Chicago

LL Bean, YETI, and Orvis will be there, to name a few, to bring the pages of Outside Magazine to life and I thought Land’s End would be interested too.

Not only will you be able to demo your apparel and speak to what makes Oros the right choice for adventurers, but attendees will be able to purchase from you right there. Would love to have you guys!

Open to discussing further?



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