Why We Freeze Our Jackets With Liquid Nitrogen

Sep 19, 2020 Posted by: OROS Apparel

OROS loves liquid nitrogen - we use it - a lot... like this summer, when we wanted to freeze 43 ice pops - in a hurry

Worth it. Or when we asked ourselves the age old question, “Do you think we could freeze antifreeze if we mix it with liquid nitrogen?” 

Turns out, the answer is yes. You’re welcome. And who can forget the time we made - rockets out of Liquid Nitrogen.

Now that was fun. Of course, OROS’ favorite LN2 experiment will always be - spraying our jackets with Liquid Nitrogen while our teammates are wearing them. 

He’s fine- because OROS is warm. Think, NASA spacesuit for planet Earth - kind of warm. Think, built to withstand the harshest temps on the planet and the -455° vacuum of space - kind of warm.

SOLARCORE® - the Aerogel insulation used in ALL our gear - has been tested against 250 of the world’s best insulations. It beat them all.

Obviously, we needed a tougher test. Enter - Liquid Nitrogen. LN2 is -320° - let that sink in. It is so cold that - when sprayed - the air around a jet of LN2 is -80°. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Alaska is -79.8° - so, yeah. 

We blast our Orion Parkas with LN2 to show the world how warm our tech truly is. As the LN2 splashes against SOLARCORE® - the outer temperature quickly plummets below -100°. SOLARCORE® completely neutralizes the cold. We’re talking about thermal conductivity. SOLARCORE® has so little thermal conductivity that even a rain of -320° LN2 cannot cut it’s way through the jacket - leaving the wearer warm and comfortable. In our last test - we measured -103° on the outside / 93.4° on the inside

Now, for the best part. OROS gear is THIN. We’re talking zero-bulk - easy moving - warm and comfortable all winter long in a jacket as thick as your favorite sweater - kind of thin. All packed with OROS SOLARCORE® insulation tested against Liquid Nitrogen - and proven to work as low as -40°.  

Welcome to the future. OROS means no-bulk, no compromise, and no checking the weather again. Even if it starts raining Liquid Nitrogen - and with 2020 who knows - OROS gear is up to the challenge.

Whatever you choose to do - OROS will keep you warm without the bulk.

Find Your Beyond.



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