SOLARCORE® vs Goose Down

Oct 19, 2020 Posted by: OROS Apparel


Warmth Without The Bulk. 

If you know OROS, you know we’re all about warmth without the bulk - let’s take a deep dive into what that looks like.

Cutting open a jacket

We all want to stay warm, look good doing it. For centuries, that has meant relying on animal byproducts (like goose down) to do it. Not satisfied with a stone aged approach to staying warm? You’re in luck - OROS has found a better way.

Puffy Jacket

Down jackets have been the gold standard for decades - but they have some serious drawbacks. They are expensive, they don’t stay warm when wet, lose heat when compressed, are unsustainably sourced, and tend to make the wearer look like the Michelin Man.

Inside goose down parka

To illustrate our point - we took a $1,200 goose down parka and cut it in half. The verdict - we’ve come too far to look puffy.

Inside Orion Parka

OROS’ Orion Parka offers the same warmth as an expedition grade goose down parka, stays warm when wet, warm when compressed, is 100% vegan, and is one fifth as thick as a goose down counterpart.

SOLARCORE vs Goose Down

The difference speaks for itself.



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