OROS x NASA - The 39A Flight Jacket

Sep 10, 2020 Posted by: OROS Apparel

Introducing the 39A Flight jacket - an astronaut signed space suit for planet earth.

39A is the world's greatest launch pad. Built by NASA to send the Apollo astronauts to the moon. Today, 39A is firing the rockets that will one day take human beings to Mars.
If you're reading this article then you probably love NASA. So do we. In fact, OROS began at NASA, and we use NASA insulation tech in every piece of gear we make. OROS is NASA to the core, and our 39A co-lab is our way of getting back to our roots.

In 2014, OROS CEO Michael Markesbery was awarded an Astronaut Scholarship, to prove he was a nerd, even among other science nerds. That scholarship built the foundation for OROS at NASA -  inspiring us to create SOLARCORE® - the warmest, thinnest material on the planet. That’s why a percentage of the revenue from the 39A flight jacket is being donated back to the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation. Through the ASF, OROS hopes to inspire and empower the young scientific minds that will unlock future innovations and journey to distant planets in the name of science and exploration.
OROS is not only inspired by NASA tech, we embody the NASA spirit as well. We believe that human beings are explorers at heart, adventurous wanderers, forever pursuing the next discovery and adventure. At OROS, we call that drive Find Your Beyond. The NASA astronaut embodies that spirit, and they go further than any human beings ever have. That’s why we partnered with hall of fame Astronaut Kathy Sullivan to create the 39A Flight Jacket.
Kathy was the first woman to walk in space and the first woman to reach the bottom of the ocean floor. Put simply, the most vertical human on the planet. Each of the limited release 39A flight jackets comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed by Kathy Sullivan.
We aren’t just slapping the NASA logo on a jacket, OROS comes from NASA. OROS began with a scholarship with the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation. SOLARCORE®, our advanced insulation technology is a direct synthesis of NASA aerogel, the insulation NASA uses to combat the -455° vacuum of space.

The 39A is a space suit for planet earth.
For space nerds, tech heads, and anyone who loves a drop hotter than a shuttle reentering earth’s atmosphere (sorry, we love space humor), the OROS X NASA 39A is a must have for your collection. The 39 a flight jacket is more than a co-lab - it comes packed with the warmest insulation on the planet, a unique and modular design created by some of the finest product engineers in the game, and a bold look that is sure to turn heads. All the while honoring one of the greatest astronauts of all time and inspiring the future of space exploration. Get it while you can.

Find Your Beyond.



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