OROS Ambassador Kori Trenholm: City Girl Turned Outdoorswoman

Feb 6, 2023 Posted by: Maddie Molloy
OROS Apparel Ambassador Kori Trenholm is an adventurer, free spirit, mom of three, hard worker, and true outdoorswoman! She and her family reside in Bend, Oregon and take full advantage of the proximity to outdoor activities this city has to offer. Recreating in nature is integral to Kori’s day-to-day life and she strives to encourage others to do the same. Read below to get to know Kori.

What does being outdoors mean to you?
The outdoors, for me, is a source to refuel my soul. It’s where I feel most alive! It's a place where I always find gratitude and thankfulness. The outdoors brings me back to my center and reminds me of the beauty in life! The outdoors, wherever that may be, is truly my breath for life!

How do you integrate outdoor recreation into your life?
Six years ago, our family left the big city vibes and relocated to Bend, Oregon. Our hope was to find a new rhythm of life. It was a dream of mine to raise my kids with an appreciation for the outdoors and an active lifestyle. Living in a city like Bend has positioned us to explore and enjoy the outdoors daily. Sometimes our days may look like a small hike to breathe in some fresh air or it may involve exploring the beautiful mountain peaks seen from our small little city. No matter big or small, I am always left with such thankfulness to be alive and well, exploring the great outdoors!

How do you think we can build a community around being outdoors?
I am a busy, working, homeschooling mama to three adventurous girls! Community has been essential to my journey as a mama. Community can look like going on a run with a neighbor, grabbing a coworker for a weekend hike, taking your kids (and a bunch of snacks) to a local park with friends, ditching the restaurant to pack a healthy meal and conquering a mountain peak with your spouse or, camping with new and old friends while sitting around the fire sharing life. One of the greatest gifts we have been given is each other and our beautiful world! For me, this is how I build a community around the outdoors!

How have you encouraged your family to enjoy outdoor recreation?
The seasons of motherhood and integrating the outdoors for our family have looked differently over the years. Some of the earlier years were definitely more challenging than others (parents can I get an amen).  I have always reminded myself though that any time outdoors is better than none. Some of our best quality time as a family is usually outside where there are fewer distractions. We encourage our kids with gratitude for what we have been given. Our health and the privilege to go outside and experience the beauty!

How can we encourage others to integrate outdoor activities into their lifestyle?
I would encourage others to start somewhere. Maybe it's trading out the treadmill for an outdoor walk/run. Creating space during the weekends for one adventure! Shutting down the electronics (social media) one day out of the week and waking up early to see the sunrise. Planning that dreaded camping trip you always wanted to do but sounds too tedious with the amount of packing and preparing it requires. At some point on your journey, integrating the outdoors will become routine. You will crave it, need it and prioritize the lifestyle. Trust me, this city-born girl had to start somewhere. Now, it's my way of life!

What outdoor recreation goals do you have for the year?
For 2023, I would love to run a race or two, climb a summit with my husband, watch the sunset oceanside with my children, and gather with friends fireside for some summer fun. Pretty simple but memories that will last a lifetime!



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