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Jul 31, 2019 Posted by: OROS Apparel

Lily, age 9, in a NASA shirt

This is Lily, a girl who loves space.

Lily’s dreams are as boundless as the observable universe and are matched only by her desire to attain them. Here is a sample of her to-do list:

  1.   Become an astronaut

  2.   Have her own room on the international space station

  3.   Walk on the moon

  4.   Discover extraplanetary lifeforms

Oh, and her backup gig is to become an astrophysicist. Lily is going places.

Last year Lily discovered that all of the NASA shirts were in the boy’s section, at a local retailer. They did not carry NASA clothing for girls; the message was clear, space was a boy’s thing.

For most of us, that would have been the end of the story. That’s not Lily’s way. With some encouragement from her mother, she decided instead to write a letter.

Lily's handwritten letter

“I am very upset right now because all your NASA clothing is only in the boys area in my Target and I am a girl. I want NASA clothes in the girls area because girls like space too. It doesn’t need to be different styles just move some from the boys.

From Lily a girl who loves space.”

The story of Lily Fogels resonates with OROS, not only because NASA and science are part of our DNA, but more deeply, because we believe that space, science and the outdoors, are for everyone.

Exclusion, or a lack of inclusion, feels remarkably similar when on the receiving end. For this reason, we believe that everyone must be explicitly encouraged to chase their dreams, because neglecting to do so sends an equally powerful message.

OROS CEO Michael Markesbery believes in Lily’s dream. And after hearing about her story, he knew that there was more we could do to support her. He responded with a letter of his own:

OROS CEO Michael Markesbery's letter to Lily Fogels


Dear Lily,

I was unhappy when I saw [they] only had NASA shirts in the boy’s section.

Like you, I am fascinated by Space and knew from a young age that I wanted to be in the STEM field. When I was in college, a Foundation created by The Mercury Seven Astronauts saw my passion for science, and gave me a Scholarship– they believed in my Moonshot.

That Scholarship is what allowed me to create my company, OROS.

While OROS makes technical apparel using NASA-inspired insulation, at its core, OROS is a brand that believes in empowering the pathfinders, and those who are pursuing moonshots—regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation or age.

I wanted you to know, everyone here at OROS believes in your Moonshot to become an astronaut.

So, we made you a little something—Custom NASA shirts.

Oh, also, if you’re open to it, we’d love to fly you and a parent to attend the next US Astronaut Hall of Fame Induction at Kennedy Space Center. We want you to meet your heroes and show them what a future astronaut looks like.

Keep going!

From a guy who loves Space,


OROS is proud to support her courage with custom NASA shirts, and a trip to the next Astronaut Hall of Fame Induction ceremony at the Kennedy Space Center, in hopes that she will be emboldened to pursue her dreams; her Moonshot.

-Find Your Beyond

Lily's custom made NASA shirt from OROS

A special thanks to and Jasmine Kazlauskas for originally bringing this story to light, and to Ellen Scott for her further coverage.

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Sep 6, 2019 • Posted by Chrissy Brunner

Well done! For Love and honor!


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