Five Socially Distant Outdoor Activities To Liven Up Your Winter

Dec 17, 2020 Posted by: OROS Apparel
Feeling stuck inside this winter? Grab your OROS gear and get outside with these five socially distanced activities.

Stargazing is a staff favorite at OROS HQ - of course, we think winter is the best time to enjoy it! Think we’re crazy? Let’s walk through some pros and cons.

  1. Cold air holds less moisture than warm air, making the (hopefully) clear winter nights the sharpest of the entire year!
  2. Long Nights! The sun goes down early, meaning you can observe the stars in total darkness and still be in bed at a reasonable hour!
  3. In winter, State and National Parks are fairly deserted - which means you’ll have the whole night’s sky to yourself!
  4. Stargazing is a great way to connect during COVID - it’s easy to be socially distant while connecting with your people over the incredible views of a dark sky in winter.
  5. You don’t need a telescope! Telescopes are great, but you’ll be amazed by what you can see with a simple pair of binoculars from home! 
    We know what you're thinking—"But it's cold...not with OROS! Grab an Orion Parka for your next stargazing trip, and the only thing you’ll feel is amazed. 
    Now that we’ve convinced you - the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is a great place to start!



    Jeff Nash- OROS CTO and resident snow Guru - explained snowshoeing to us like this, “If you can walk, you can snowshoe.”

    Can confirm, 100% accurate. Snowshoeing is one of our favorite ways to stay connected with our friends and families during covid. Don’t live in a snowy area - no problem! Winter hiking is just as good, and more accessible. Here are a few reasons why we love snowshoeing (and winter hiking):

    1. Quiet. There are a number of reasons why trails are so quiet in snowshoes. From the sound dampening effects of snow, to the decreased frequency of birdsong, to the lack of traffic and human noise in the distance - snowshoeing is often a peaceful and nearly meditative experience.
    2. No bugs. Seriously, this cannot be overstated. No. Bugs.
    3. Decreased trail traffic. It is no secret that our most well loved natural spaces get a bit of a reprieve in winter. Fewer hikers means you’ll feel like you and your group have the trail to yourself. 
    4. New perspective. Hiking your favorite trail in winter is a transformative experience. Take the time to scan the forest. Often the lack of summer vegetation will reveal hidden features, rock formations, or water sources that are not visible for the rest of the year. 
        To be safe, make sure you keep your group small and avoid carpooling with people outside of your own household. Also, don’t sweat the gear. Inexpensive snowshoes and trekking poles work great for beginners and rentals are available from most local outfitters. Warm bottoms are a must! The Endeavour Ski pants are perfect for extended days in cold weather. 


        For the more adventurous among you - winter camping is fantastic (backyard camping totally counts). All of the benefits listed above apply to winter camping - it is quiet, less crowded, beautiful clear nights for stargazing, and no bugs (seriously, it changes the whole game). Sitting around a winter campfire is an incredible bonding experience for your small group to enjoy.  For a more enjoyable night by the fire, we recommend the Explorer Beanie. Solarcore insulation around the ears goes a long way in keeping you warm and comfortable through the night. 

        With proper safety measures, it can easily be transferred to a socially distanced adventure. If you only have close contact with people you live with, camping is low risk. If you camp with people who don't live in your household, camp in separate tents spaced at least 6 feet apart and avoid sharing camping supplies, especially food and drinks. Pack hand sanitizer and supplies to clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces.


        Snow + Gravity = Fun.

        Bring back your favorite childhood activity! Everybody knows that going fast on snow is a great time. Generally speaking, snowsports are low-risk, low transmission activities. Be sure to avoid crowded areas and stick to low traffic times whenever possible. Make sure to take your favorite OROS gear, our SOLARCORE® insulation doesn’t lose heat when compressed, so you can spend all day in the snow without ever losing heat!


        This year, the safest gatherings are held outside - and there are few things more rewarding than gathering around a bonfire. Sharing warmth, and stories goes a long way toward rekindling that sense of community we’ve all been chasing this year. Winter is the perfect time for a socially distanced gathering around a roaring outdoor fire - here are a few things to keep in mind.

        1. Keep your gatherings small, as few households as possible and ensure soap and hand sanitizer are made available.
        2. As always, mask up and keep 6 feet of distance between yourself and others.
        3. Make sure each group bring’s their own food and drinks (who wants to share s’mores anyway?).
        4. Colder weather may mean a larger fire. Be sure to properly extinguish your fire. Douse the fire with water until flames dissipate, then gently stir and spread ashes until cool to the touch.



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