Diving Deeper with Ambassador Adam Edwards

Oct 13, 2022 Posted by: Maddie Molloy
Adam Edwards is a professional kayaker, activist, creative, and OROS Apparel Ambassador. We sat down with Adam to discuss what drew him to his sport, how he stays engaged in the community and his goals for the future. Adam finds his beyond in service, movement, and breaking down barriers.

When did you start kayaking? What drew you to the sport?
I started kayaking when I was 22 years old. One of my best friends is a raft guide and she introduced me to Whitewater. My first experiences on the water were through rafting, and then I fell in love with kayaking.

What does kayaking mean to you?
Kayaking is a way to explore the world. It takes me to places that I wouldn’t see otherwise, and learn skills that I use across many aspects of my life. It has brought me a community that I have loved being a part of for over a decade.

How did you become involved with Diversify Whitewater?
I became involved with Diversify Whitewater out of a shared call. My community was already hoping to hold events in the Northwest similar to what Diversify Whitewater was doing, and they already had the framework in place. It was a great fit and I’ve loved working with them since.

Tell us a little about the importance of organizations supporting DEI in outdoor sports and recreation.
Continued support of DEI by organizations in the outdoor sports and recreation history is imperative. It’s important because these communities, while already present in many activities, are very attuned to the lack of representation and are forging their own way, as they always have. If an organization truly wants to be involved in the conversation it must go beyond simply finding a new demographic. It is showing authentic concern and investing in these communities.  These actions go a long way to creating an authentic connection with the individuals therein.

What motivated you to start the All for One Scholarship?
I started the All for One Scholarship to try to provide the same leg up in outdoor recreation that I received from friends, family, and mentors. The goal of this scholarship is to provide two $2500 monetary and matched gear-based scholarship awards to BIPOC and LGBTQ members and/or organizations in the outdoor recreation community. The scholarship looks to enable two recipients to achieve their personal and outdoor recreation dreams each season.

How can people support the All for One Scholarship?
People can support us by contacting amichaeledwards@gmail.con for donation information, brand partnerships, or any questions. Ultimately they can support in their own communities and lives by seeking out similar grants, groups, and scholarships, and donating their time and money or gear to such ventures.

What are your goals for kayaking?
I’d like to still run class five when I’m in my 60s, so longevity is my goal for kayaking. I aim to pick challenges, train for them, and then attempt and complete them. I’d like to go back to more exploration in the northwest of North America this coming season, specifically the Olympic Peninsula in British Columbia, and then perhaps travel internationally to Southeast  America or Africa to kayak.

What are your goals for community engagement and activism?
I’d like to continue with the All For one Scholarship, to grow into something that has a significant impact on an individual’s life. I also will continue to be involved at a local level with paddle sports engagement as well as general community outreach in my city.



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