Carbon-Neutral Shopping Now Available With EcoCart

Apr 19, 2021 Posted by: Erick Spaw

We all know that shopping online isn’t the environment’s best friend. Production, shipping, packaging — all of it puts a little strain on the planet. When we all shop, the strain isn’t little at all. In fact, it's a massive contributor to climate change.

We wanted to do something to make OROS orders come with a little more love for the planet that’s our home and our playground. That’s why we partnered with EcoCart. At checkout, you’ll now have the option to offset the carbon footprint of your order.

How does this work? A small, optional charge — don’t worry, it’s not a lot — can be added to your order total, and the extra money will go to benefit the McCloud River Conservation.

It seems obvious to us: if we’re going to play on the land, we have a responsibility to take care of it too. That’s why we elected to direct funds from OROS sales to McCloud River Conservation. They provide critical forest management in an area spanning parts of California and Oregon that are ravaged by worsening wildfires each year.

The McCloud River project is located 20 miles southeast of Mt. Shasta in Northern California. An improved forest management project, it generates carbon emissions reductions through sustainable practices of commercial timberlands. Improved Forest Management (IFM) is an agriculture, forestry and land-use project category that relates to forest management activities that result in increased carbon stocks within forests and/or reduce greenhouse gas emissions from forestry activities when compared to business-as-usual forestry practices. By using sustainable practices, landowners have preserved more forest and actually increased the amount of carbon stored by the property over time. The McCloud River project in Northern California sequesters carbon from the atmosphere and provides safe habitats for wildlife.

  • Acts as a natural water filter for surrounding areas, having a protected forest and water source help create a water cycle that is not tainted by pollutants or disrupted by deforestation.
  • Provides safe and protected habitat to key wildlife by practicing sustainable forest and timber management that reduce the destruction of wildlife habitats.
  • Generates a return on investment for landowners through sustainable forest management that increases the total carbon stores.
  • Bolsters the local economy through sustainably-extracted timber that creates jobs for people harvesting and processing the timber.

The truth is, of course, that no single action is enough when it comes to fighting climate change. As we grow as a company, we’re actively looking to create as much positive impact as possible. We want to give our community — all of you — more chances to generate positive impact as well.

We want to do more. We plan to do more. We look forward to continuing down this path with all of you.



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