Capturing the Extraordinary with Kenneth Browne

Aug 18, 2022 Posted by: Maddie Molloy
This past spring we connected with Kenneth Browne. Kenneth is an experienced video content creator and adventure seeker. Kenneth’s passion for videography and adventure led him to Antarctica for the 6th time to capture a race like no other—the Antarctic Ice Marathon—where he explored what humans are capable of when they get creative and have to adapt to the circumstances of their environment.

Kenneth Browne
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I have 10 years of experience in creating video content for brands and clients all over the world. I was born and raised in a small town in Ireland, surrounded by a large family. 

For generations, the Irish have emigrated across the world in search of adventure and prosperity. Shortly after finishing University in Dublin, I moved to America in the Summer of 2015 on a shoestring adventure. I arrived in Chicago on a hot July day with just a suitcase, $2500 to my name, and the promise of a friend’s couch to sleep on until I could move into a random room I found on Craigslist.

After a few months of cold calling and door knocking, I landed a job as an in-house video editor at an ad agency. This was an incredible place to cut my teeth in the US industry, but after the first year, my interests were drawn to a variety of side gigs that I was picking up at the weekends. Soon, I was fielding offers for more freelance video work than I could handle and I was using all of my available vacation time to travel for these projects.

In 2018 I left my 9 to 5 job at the agency and started my own media production company, offering services in directing, cinematography, editing, and drone work. Owning my own business has given me the opportunity to travel the world, take on epic adventures, and connect with the most incredible people. In the last few years, I have traveled to all 7 continents and visited 35 countries and 27 states.


How did you first hear about the Antarctic Ice Marathon?

In 2016 I was tasked with creating a commercial for a battery-powered snow blower. What better place to showcase this product’s resistance to cold temperatures than to travel to the coldest, windiest, highest, and driest place on the planet. The Executive Creative Director at my old agency, Vinny Warren, also came from Ireland and had a childhood connection to Richard Donovan, the creator of the Antarctic Ice Marathon. Richard took me, a Producer and Creative Director to Antarctica to create the commercial. Richard is an extreme runner who has previously run coast to coast across North America, South America, and Europe and when he’s not setting records, he operates as the Race Director for several global events which he created. We have developed a great relationship over the years and I am incredibly fortunate to have traveled to all 7 continents with him, including 6 trips to Antarctica.

How was your first experience in Antarctica?

I will never forget my first trip to Antarctica. It was so unlike any other place on Earth that I could only imagine it was like being on the moon. We flew in on an Ilyushin 76, a former Russian military cargo plane. It was a 4.5-hour flight from Punta Arenas, Chile to Union Glacier camp in Antarctica. The plane landed on a natural blue ice runway on the glacier which can actually be seen on Google Earth. The wind hit me with an incredible force as I exited the aircraft onto the ice before ground transportation shuttled us to the camp which was a few miles away, sheltered under Mt. Rossman. I had never seen a land so vast, pristine, and beautiful. We slept in 2-person clam tents under a midnight sun. Our Winter in the northern hemisphere is the Antarctic Summer, where the sun does not set at this time of year. This was my first, true, off-grid experience where I could temporarily forget the world we left behind and connect with one of our planet’s last remaining, raw environments.

This is your sixth event, what keeps you going back? How has this event shaped you as a person?

I’m acutely aware of how fortunate I am to have these opportunities. Very few people will ever get the chance to fly into the frozen continent and sleep on the ice. Each year I strive to improve my craft and reinvest in new technology that can help me capture the next story. In Antarctica, the weather dictates everything. The morning at Union Glacier might be a mild -8C with blue skies and little wind, but in a matter of hours you may find that cloud cover has removed all contrast between the ice and the sky, and the wind is whipping snow into your face and the temperature has dropped to -22C. Working on these unique events has forced me to adapt to whatever nature throws at me. I return home with an elevated level of confidence knowing that I can overcome any challenges that present in my work or personal life. I will continue to travel to extreme environments as long as these adventures present themselves. This event is unlike any other I have ever experienced. Stepping on the ice in Antarctica is like stepping onto another planet.

Can you touch on how the Antarctic Ice Marathon speaks to what humans are capable of?

I am always astounded by the incredible people that I meet from around the world. At Union Glacier camp in Antarctica, you tend to cross paths with polar explorers, mountain guides, and extreme athletes. Everyone has a story to tell and each one is more inspiring than the next. I’ve met adventurers who have skied to the south pole, climbed the 7 summits, and completed ultra sporting events all over the world. You will rarely hear their names or see their faces in the media. Many come from humble beginnings and have carved their own unique paths. The perseverance and grit they have to achieve their goals motivate me to continue my own adventures. Whenever I visit Antarctica I leave feeling inspired and know that anything is possible.

Kenneth’s determination to follow his passion, and exploration of extreme circumstances to capture the extraordinary, embody what it means to Find Your Beyond. Follow along for his next adventure @kbrosnaps.



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